Monday, January 17, 2011

Disorganization Strikes Again

Disorganization has caused problems in my life in two major ways recently.

First, last night I broke my small toe. It happened because of the clutter in the living room. Something was out of place and I ran my foot into it in the dark. It hurts quite a bit today.

The second problem involves a project I have been working on. I've been behind on it as of last week and caused my boss on the project to be worried. She is now trying to figure out ways to keep better track of my progress. She should not need to do that because I should have had better progress. Instead, I've been fiddling around and wasting time, and not getting things done when I thought I would.

These are not the only times that my disorganization has caused me problems. What frustrates me is that I am worried it may not be the last time.

I need to learn from mistakes and improve.

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