Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute Shoes: A Breakthrough for Me

Yesterday I took a gift card from a family member and bought some much needed shoes. I got a practical pair (the sort of things I always wear) but I also bought one pair of silly little sandals because I thought they were cute.

"You may be saying, so what? You are a woman and you bought shoes. Pretty normal." Actually, for me that was a bit of a big step.

You see, I really hate shoe shopping. I have very few shoes, and when I do shoe shop it is always for practical shoes. I own a pair of comfortable tennis shoes and then two pairs of comfortable black flats with big cushy rubber soles (my everyday shoes). I have a few others which I seldom wear but bought years ago because I needed them (a pair of white heels I wore two or three times with a specific dress for an event, etc.), but I've never liked shoes.

In my list of "41 Things to Do Before I'm 42" I included a line about buying a pair of sandals that were fun. Now I've done it. I have a pair of shoes I really love which may not be great walking shoes but I can slip on for short events for fun when I want to feel special. They aren't that fancy and were actually pretty cheap, but the important thing is that they are totally different than anything I usually wear and I adore them. Having that sort of positive feeling about footwear is weird, but I'm going with it. It's so nice to try something different and indulge myself a little.

I know that the first time I wear them out, I'll be excited just to have them on. Footwear never excites me so it is nice to experience what so many women apparently do--the simple joys of feeling special because of something like footwear. It's silly and I'm not going to be like some women and buy 60 pairs of shoes, but I think that one slightly impractical but fun pair of shoes is a good thing for me. I can't wear practical loafer/flats in simple styles and one color every day for my whole life. It's a boring way to live. Sometimes we have to stretch ourselves and try new experiences. This is my small gesture towards that.

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