Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Stuffy Noses and Piles of Papers

Some days it is harder to be motivated than others. The past few days have been slow for me. I caught a cold. It is a mild one, to be sure, but it is slowing me down. Also, I've spent two weeks with stacks of papers everywhere and don't feel like I've made a lot of progress. If you go long enough without feeling like real progress is made, it is easy to become discouraged, throw your hands up, and say it will never get better. This attitude has been feeling tempting lately.

We all face it in our projects. There comes a point in time where we either have to forge ahead (pushing a little harder to do the work) or we can give up. This is the make or break moment for a project. If we persevere we get the reward. If we give up, we have a half started project that falls apart.

Most projects start off with good intentions and glorious dreams of success which get us through the beginning stages of the work. It is during the actual hard work that reality sets in. This will be hard. It will be tedious. It isn't obvious that we will succeed. It is taking longer than we realized.

This is the point when it is easy to give up. This is the point I have reached with my house organizing project.

The good news is, if one can push past this point, success lies on the other side.

Despite the overwhelming amount of paperwork still to go through and a stuffy head, I'm going to continue pushing forward today and see if I can make it through to the other side.

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