Monday, August 23, 2010

Heatwaves and Lethargy

It's that time of year. It's hot, darned hot, across much of the U.S. In my own area of Southern California we are just starting our hot weather which may get worse by October. The average temp is 88 F during the afternoon.

I've never liked hot weather. There are really only so many clothes you can take off. When it is cold, you can fix that with extra clothing and blankets, but no matter how much I strip down to the bare essentials, it is still too hot in our house since we don't have air conditioning.

The main problem with this heat is that it tends to encourage procrastination. You feel tired and unwilling to do anything strenuous. If you stray too far from the fan, you feel miserable.

Every year I face the same problem in my home. It's too darned hot to want to work.

Here's what I am going to do. If you are in a hot place, I recommend you do it too.

1. I've got lots of water cooling in the frig. I have to remember to drink more water.

2. I bought a ton of great fruit at the store. Cool grapes and other fruits out of the frig help a lot in this heat.

3. I have fans in the major rooms. Air circulation is key.

4. I plan more physical activities for the mornings when it is not as hot. Computer work and less physical activities are better for the afternoon and early evening when it is warmest.

5. I acknowledge the heat and its power on me but balance it with a reminder of my goals and why they matter. I keep working but I take plenty of water breaks and stay within reach of the fan.

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