Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update: 41 Things

12 Down, 29 to Go? Here's a rundown:

1. Take a class in letterpress printing (have looked into schedule but nothing fits yet)

2. Go to visit my Grandma again (pricing this now)

3. Visit a cave

4. Sightsee in my own city for several days (I led a tour group around SD recently, so..... done)

5. Write to someone in secret code

6. Plan a scavenger hunt for someone and follow through and do it

7. Paint something (a project)

8. Mosaic tile something (a project)

9. Sew a piece of clothing from scratch (I started a vest but didn't finish it)
(Just finished--although I had help from a friend who is an expert)

10. Finish the clock I started to make but never completed

11. Paint a wall some color other than off white (every room but our bathroom is white)

12. Buy and wear some funky, impractical sandals just for fun

13. Roll down a grassy hill

14. Try new recipes
Sorta Done because of 15 and 16 but will do more

15. Make eggrolls DONE although need to find better version of the wrappers and try again

16. Make Cornish Pasties from scratch DONE although they weren't very good so I'll be trying a different recipe at some point

17. Make some of my own jewelry (beads, perhaps?)

18. Go to the desert to look at wildflowers

19. Go Antique store shopping in LA

20. Go to the Rose Bowl/Pasadena Swap meet on the day antique dealers are there

21. Bargain for something at a garage sale

22. Try a fruit I've never eaten before DONE: Tomatillo was awful. I have a Pluot in the frig right now because I've never had one of them either, to my knowledge.

23. Cut up a whole pineapple the proper way (I've read about it but never done it)

24. Give a speech in public on a topic I care about (I've not had the chance to do
this lately)

25. Get something I've written published (either fiction or nonfiction)--I just self published so sort of done, but I meant beyond that when I wrote the list, so I'll keep working! I've submitted a few things but only rejections so far. Self published but not really published yet!

26. Take a fiction writing course (I've done it before but want to do it again)

27. Make a Christmas Ornament

28. Paper mache something

29. Try a new board game or two with friends/familyDONE

30. Get a few readers on this blog (and have a few of them comment kindly)

31. Try a new hairstyle DONE

32. Dress in a costume in public (I've done this before; I want to do again) DONE--twice and have another occasion planned for this week!

33. Get my face painted like the kids do at carnivals or fairs

34. Bungee jump (or the equivalent fair ride where they fling people upwards). Missed the County Fair this year so this may not happen before my birthday. We'll see.

35. Ride a train longer than two hours--preferably a day long trip or overnight

36. Have a massage and a facial

37. Try at least three different types of cheeses I've never had before DONE--deliciously so

38. Make my own ice cream

39. Make my own bread, with yeast I raised myself

40. Act in a scene or play in front of an audience at least once this year

41. Have a dinner party where more than one couple is invited to our house
(family doesn't count in this case)

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