Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 Month Progress Report: Getting Started Again

I started this quest on March 28th. Here I am in July and I am starting all over again.

I am afraid that this is common in my life. I have lots of plans but the follow through can be a problem.

I've decided it is time, now that my big event from almost 2 weeks ago is done, to take stock of what I've done since my birthday and start fresh. I will forgive myself for falling short of my rather ambitious goals. It's important that I'm still on the journey.

Progress made:
I've kept up with this blog, missing only two of my posting days. This is the longest I've ever maintained a blog, although I had good intentions the three other times I started one (on various topics).

I've partially organized my home office (I can walk in it again--it had been the household equivalent of a junk drawer).

I've made my "41 Things To Do Before I'm 42" list and accomplished 5 things on it (I've got to get back to doing more of them).

I did some good unpaid work for several organizations (adding to my graphic design and publicity portfolio) and ran a large event 1.5 weeks ago which went well.

I was laid off from the job I wanted to quit the same week I started this blog. Although I've not found a paying job yet, I've applied to a lot of great places and remain hopeful.

Things to do:
I have a list of projects to do--and I need to finish a bunch of them which have been hanging around for a long time.

I have a novel to write and I want to get back to writing--preferably several hours each week will be set aside for writing--starting next week.

I want to do more with my "41 Things" list and have some great experiences.

Hopefully I'll find a job before my 42nd birthday--preferably something I like and feel motivated to do (instead of my last job which I took purely for the paycheck and hated every second of the day).

My Monthly Theme will be "Starting Fresh" and I will restart my quest. I will look at my to do list and my "41 Things" list and see what I can get accomplished. I've done so much in the past few months. I'm sure that if I set my mind to it, I can do even more now.

To anyone reading this blog, thank you for being on the journey with me. Do you have a quest you are trying to fulfill? Sometimes it is easier when you are on the journey with others. Comment here to share your quest.


  1. As I read your blog, it strikes me that some of the most important things that have come to you in the last four months weren't among your most obvious intended goals when you started out on your quest. Things like:

    - expanding your creative design and organisation skills, and navigating huge learning curves, in the events you did for your voluntary work

    - circumstances leading you to a deepened appreciation of friends and loved ones

    - realising that time is not always well spent planning and managing lists of goals

    It's interesting what happens when we're not expecting it.

    I'm still on my quest to give up having goals, as you can probably tell ... :)

    Hope you can make progress with your 41 things this month and have fun doing them.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Astral Cat. It really helps me keep going on this blog to hear from you from time to time.

    I think you are right that the things I've gained in these months are not what I set out to gain. Strange how that works.

    I've heard: Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

    Maybe that is true.

    Will be interesting to see what the next four months will bring me. I hope that some of my goals will be moved along, especially my writing and some of my creative projects (and something that brings in income would be nice too!)

    Best of luck with giving up goals. It's funny. That's the direct opposite of my quest... :)


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