Monday, July 19, 2010

Through to the Other Side

I'm now done with an event which has been a year in the planning (and has dominated my life since March, particularly). I've got some house cleaning and some loose ends to tie up with expenses and vendors, but it's basically over! My feet are sore and I'm tired, but generally pretty happy as it went well (there were glitches but generally it was great).

Now that I'm past the big day, it feels rather strange. For months now I've had things I wanted to do or thought I should do, but I'd say, don't have time for that now. I'll do that after July 18. July 18 was a barrier to everything, from writing my novel to getting organized. I needed to work on the event. I put off making decisions on some things because I couldn't deal with it until after July 18.

In some ways, it's like starting a new life. There was my recent life before the event and now I have all of these things waiting for me on the other side of the event--things I said I would do when I was done.

It's rather daunting but exciting.

I have to put the house back together a little today, as we have company coming in a few hours. Mostly we're resting today and tomorrow but since some of that resting will be spending time goofing off on the computer, I think I will start writing out all the possibilities and spend time enjoying thinking about what I might do with my life now.

I'm 41 and I have a lot of living to do. I just need to find ways to do it which make me happy (and help me making a living). :)

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