Monday, July 26, 2010

My Mom Turns 63 and Retires

That's right, I may be 41, but my Mom is now retiring. It feels weird. I generally feel about 26 or so, but I can remember my real age without too much work. However, my mom and dad never feel particularly old. 63 is not old at all, but the combination of that and her decision to retire makes it seems like a big deal.

I honestly don't know what she'll do with her time. She has no hobbies, other than reading and walking the dogs. I think she'll drive herself and my dad nuts, honestly. However, I know that it is great that she is able to afford to do this when so many other people cannot afford to give up work. One of my grandmas was working until the day she died for just that reason.

Since I'm still trying to find work (with no success) I think about what it will be like for me, when I reach retirement age. I have little saved because I was in grad school for so long and then I've not been able to find work. We have some money put away but not nearly enough. What will it be like when I reach 63? I don't know. I'm still getting used to the idea that my parents are retiring.

In addition, it seems like everyone I know is losing a parent. Two people I know this week had their last remaining parent die suddenly. There is nothing that makes you feel more like an adult than that thought.

We're lucky. Both of our parents are living. They had us young so they are only in their 60s. With luck, we won't be losing them anytime soon. Still, it's scary when so many friends who are not much older than us are finding themselves without living parents.

I guess I need to enjoy the time I have left with mine, including finding time to spend with my newly retired mom.

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