Monday, June 28, 2010

Month 3 Review: Floggings will Continue Until Morale Improves

Today is third month of this blog. I'm 1/4 of the way to my 42nd birthday. What have I accomplished?

1. I've kept up with this blog and regular posting. That's a huge success for me since I've had other attempts to blog and quickly lost interest.

2. I lost my job. Okay, I didn't mean to get laid off from work but since I definitely wanted to get a better job, you could say it was the first step to the changes I want in life.

3. I made a list of "41 Things to Do Before I'm 42" and I've done 4 of them.

4. I've been working on things I'm passionate about (an event plus some volunteering) for almost three months. It keeps me crazy busy but I'm enjoying it. The big event I'm organizing is just weeks away and it is terrifying but in a good way.

5. I've done some organizing and cleaning.

For three months, it doesn't seem like a lot. I also didn't really ever manage to do much with my theme or monthly goals. Basically, I've let #4 on this list take over my life and push everything back (including writing my novel).

I'm not going to berate myself or push myself to do better until after the event in mid-July. Then I'm reevaluating my time. Two things I'm working on will be done then. I've also stepped down from one volunteer item and stepped back from another so when these two things are done (since they were one time events and will be finished) then I should be able to put my time into some new projects I've been considering plus get back to writing my novel.

So for now my motto is "Maintain! Keep Up With Stuff!" I just need to get through the event and make it a success while not letting the basics fall through the cracks. I'll see what to do with my life after that. Just under THREE WEEKS!

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