Monday, May 31, 2010

Update 2: Second Month of Quest is Complete

Friday was May 28th, the 2nd month anniversary of this blog and my quest to find out who I really am, what I want, and how to set myself on the road to getting what I want.

It has been a very busy month. My husband and I have a number of big personal projects in the works. They have practically become full-time jobs in themselves. Some of them might even make us a little money, which would be useful. I also had one job interview and applied to a dozen or more other places which ignored me entirely. I was turned down for that one job about three or four weeks after I interviewed (even though I was perfect for the job, in my opinion). Since I lost my job, I've also taken on more volunteer responsibilities and two of them have become quite active. I've been a publicity person for these groups quite a bit lately, designing posters and postcards, and generally doing some interesting work.

Perhaps because of all of these projects, I've done little towards my stated goals. I've done no recent work on my novel (and probably won't while my current project is taking up so much time--it will be done mid-July, but until then I have to do a lot of work for an event). I've done some house organizing, mostly in response to visits from friends, but some of this cleaning was more triage than real cleaning--more shove stuff out of sight than find a way to deal with it for real. Hence things will get more chaotic if I don't bring this stuff out into the light and organize it for real very soon. I'll add that to the upcoming plan list.

I'm disappointed that in two months I've made more promises to myself than I have actually kept. That is, after all, the very pattern in my life which I was trying to break by starting this quest.

On the other hand, I've been amazingly productive and done some really interesting work both for my personal projects and my community organizations.

I've decided to cut myself a break here and not beat myself up on the lack of progress in my stated goals. I let others thing take priority and that's okay. I wasn't goofing off at least.

For June, I'm going to concentrate on getting my current projects done, particularly focusing on getting the Important stuff done before it is Urgent. I'll call this month's theme "Project Management." If I get far enough ahead on some of these projects, I will find it easier to sneak some novel time in there before July.

I'm also going to review my 41 Things list and see if I can't sneak in one or two fun, creative ideas from that list into my month. All work and no play makes RealMe a dull girl.....

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