Monday, November 29, 2010

Out of My Time? A Love of Old Things

I've heard the phrase "born a generation too late" and sometimes I wonder if it applies to me.

You see, I love old things. We collect old books. We love letterpress printing (and own a printing press). We have older artwork on our walls and mostly older furniture or replicas of them. I love quilts and depression glass and, well, lots of material things about the past. I love the looks of pre-1930s cars and wish modern cars looked as classy. I'm into steampunk, historical fiction, and victorian/western reenacting.

Of course, any time I start wishing I could hop into a time machine and go back to the past to live, I remind myself of several things:

1. I love computers. I live on my laptop and am addicted to the internet. I'd never survive in the past.

2. I'm a woman. Let's face it. The past is better if you are a white male. Privilege and all that.

3. It's a dirty, dangerous place. Medical advances. Toiletry advances. This time frame has a lot to offer.

I guess I'm lucky that I can support the music, art, books, and printing techniques of the past and still enjoy all the pleasures of the present.

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